Roof Moss Treatments

Green Valley Pest Control recognized moss as a conducive condition for Carpenter Ant and Odorous House Ant infestations. Migrating ants are drawn to this environment because the high moisture level is favorable for new colony growth and harborage. 

Moss in Oregon is a common occurrence, but when it grows on your roof it can become problematic. Moss typically grows on the north and west sides of roofs, in areas of dense shade and thick vegetation. Moss grows in clumps that can reach several inches of thickness. Once established on your roof, the moss collects and stores water, which will eventually seep into the roof underlayment and sheathing. This moisture can cause a buildup of mold, which is hazardous to your health. Eventually, the combination of moisture, and fungal spores can lead to dry-rot, which can severely impact the structural integrity of your roof, causing damage and safety issues.

Green Valley Pest Control offers a variety of roof moss solutions including applications and minor scrapping. Roof Moss applications  involve placement of a zinc-based product on and around the valleys, pitches, skylights, vents, and chimneys of the roof. The treatment can be used to make existing moss inactive, or prevent new moss from becoming active. Minor roof scraping is necessary prior to an application when the moss has already grown too thick. If the scraping is not done, the inactive moss can create a net for new fungal spores to collect and grow.