Crawl Space Restorations

A Crawl Space Restoration is needed when at least 30% of the crawl space (including insulation, vapor barrier, foundation, and footings) are contaminated with rodent droppings and/or urine. This can become a health hazard to the homeowner. As the rodent droppings dry, particles become air born, get into the air ducts, and are then delivered inside the home.


Our crawl space restoration is the process of removing insulation, vapor barrier and other loose debris from a crawl space due to rodent (or other animal) contamination. By removing the insulation and vapor barrier, we are eliminating the rodent harborage and communication by odor (smell), making the area less desirable for existing and future rodent activity.


We also remove existing rodent droppings from the foundation, mudsill, and footers. After cleanup is completed, we go through with a “fine-toothed-comb” inspecting for any possible rodent entry points that would allow future contamination. We repair and/or replace any missing or damaged vent screens, exclusionary work, and fill plumbing entry points with expanding foam or steel wool. Finally, we install new 6 mil vapor barrier and decontaminate the crawl space with an antimicrobial fogger.


Some benefits of a completed crawl space restoration are improved air quality, improved energy efficiency in the house, and eradication of rodents, pests, or other animals. Oftentimes plumbing leaks, dangerous electrical hazards, and wood destroying organisms can be discovered. These problems are often overlooked, because they are concealed by the insulation.

The Process:

1. Create a Safe Traffic Route From Crawl Access, to the Outside of Home.

2. Remove and Haul Away Debris, Damaged Insulation, and Vapor Barrier.

3. Sweep Rodent Droppings From Footings, Foundation, and Sill Plate.

4. Re-Install New 6-mil Vapor Barrier Throughout Crawl Space.

5. Repair and/or Seal Damaged Air Vents and Other Entry Points.

6. Place Rodent Bait Stations in Crawl Space.

7. Decontaminate Entire Crawl Space With an Antimicrobial Fogger.